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Anderson has a solid reputation in the industry for quality and beauty at a premium price. The company generally gets good marks on their customer service, replacement parts and warranty. Anderson is known mainly for wood windows, although they have rolled out their fibrex composite 100 Series in the past several years, as well as acquired the Silverline brand to market to the vinyl market and Eagle for another wood frame offering.

Anderson Wood Windows

In the wood window market, Anderson is firmly at the top, along with several other companies such as Marvin, Loewen and Kolbe. Refer to our review section for additional information. Anderson strengthened their wood clad offerings when they acquired Eagle windows, which also gets good marks from installers for their products. The Eagle brand is sold as the E-Series and is a custom wood window. The Anderson 200 Series is the entry level wood window, while the 400 Series is their upgraded series that many contractors point to as the best product from the company (for value and craftsmanship). The A Series is expensive and out of the price range for most homeowners who don't have money to burn.

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Renewal By Anderson Windows

Anderson also franchises their Renewal By Anderson Series, which generally gets poor marks from most contractors and installers. The product is solid, a fully customizable wood composite frame. The issues come in the sales technique - high pressure sales that don't appeal to many homeowners (although obviously effective since they continue to use them). The other issue is the how expensive the windows are, often in excess of $1000 per replacement.

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Silverline Windows

Silverline windows are sold through the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes and are generally thought to be low quality. When it comes to the vinyl market, most contractors recommend brands other than Silverline, although their top of the line Silverline 9500 Series with some upgrades is given decent marks from contractors who have used the product extensively.

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Best Anderson Windows

Here are our picks for their best valued, most versatile and best looking window amongst their numerous window series and models.

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Anderson vs The Competition

Compare Anderson against many of the top manufacturers in the window industry. See how they stack up in terms of the cost of the windows, customer service and reputation, as well as quality and number of window models and series.

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