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Silverline Window Prices

Silverline window prices will range from $13 to $20 per square foot including installation. Anderson Silverline windows can be confusing because they once sold the 2800 and 2900 series. They have since switched up their product names to the V1, V3, and Coastal Watch Collection. To get a better sense of the quality of their windows, read all of our Silverline window reviews here.

Do you have a question about Anderson window costs, features, warranties, options, etc. Email your questions to our site editor Bill and get the answers you need to make the best choice for your window project.

Editor's Silverline Window Cost Guide

Anderson Silverline offers three basic window series: the V1, the V3, and Coastal Watch collection. Here are some Silverline window price guidelines.

Silverline V1 Window Costs

The Silverline V1 series is the least expensive window the company offers. It uses a slimmer frame from the V3 and will offer less energy efficient numbers. Consumers can expect a 48" by 60" V1 series vinyl window (20 square feet) to cost $260 to $325 installed. This quote makes an assumption that the installation will run $75 to $150 per opening. Full frame installation can run up to $350 per opening, depending on the amount of work needed. Therefore, a V1 window itself at 20 square feet can be purchased for $110 to $175.

-- Estimated Silverline V1 Cost: $300 to $400 installed --
(assumes medium window and normal installation)

Silverline V3 Window Costs

The Silverline V3 series is slightly more expensive than the V1 series and utilizes a more robust frame, as well as some nice upgrades in color options and design. The V3 will run roughly 20% more than a comparable V1. Consumers can expect a 48" by 60" V3 series vinyl window (20 square feet) to cost $310 to $390 installed. This price quote makes an assumption that installation costs for $75 to $150 per opening. Full frame installation can run up to $350 per opening. Therefore, a V3 window itself at 20 square feet can be purchased for $160 to $240.

-- Estimated Silverline V3 Cost: $350 to $450 installed --
(assumes medium window and normal installation)

Silverline V3 Windows Price

Hi, I need six basement windows, and eleven double hung windows replaced. Here are my bids thus far.

Silverline V3 Window Series: $480 per window

Simonton Asure Window Series: $590 for windows

Alside Mezzo Window Series: $640 per window

Melanie - Homeowner - from 2022

Silverline Windows Price List

I am replacing 23 Silverline double hung windows and have 5 bids that I'm considering.

Renewal by Anderson: $48,700
Joyce Traditions Cost: $23,700
Alside Mezzo Cost: $19,000
Ideal Perfect Fit Cost: $14,500
Silverline V3 Windows Cost: $13,500

Dennis - Homeowner - from 2022

Silverline Coastal Watch Collection Window Costs

The Silverline Coastal Watch Collection is an impact window that is considered more of an entry level impact window. Consumers can expect a 48" by 60" Coastal Watch vinyl window (20 square feet) to cost $600 to $800 installed. This price quote makes an assumption that installation costs for $200 to $300 per opening. Therefore, a Coastal Watch window itself at 20 square feet can be purchased for $300 to $500.

-- Estimated Silverline Coastal Watch Cost: $650 to $850 installed --
(assumes medium window and normal installation)

Silverline 70 Windows Prices

The Silverline 70 window (no longer used by Silverline) was available both a new construction, replacement or an an impact window. It could be ordered either as a casement or as an awning window. The latch was clumsy looking on these units. Performance wise, with the low-e and argon fills, thecasement should have delivered a .30 U-factor and .21 SHGC. The standard replacement window came in a 3-1/4 inch deep frame and could be ordered in a number of different grill patterns and 5 different glass packages. The Silverline 70 Series came in 3 exterior colors, including dark bronze, beige and white -- white and beige on the inside.

Silverline 70 Prices

Silverline 2900 Windows Prices

The Silverline 2900 window (no longer used by Silverline) was an entry level single hung vinyl window that to be honest was not a quality buy. The corner welds and extrusions in general tended to be cheaply made. With a low E2 glass option, performance numbers were as follows: VT of 0.58, U Factor of 0.35, AI of 0.13 and SHGC of 0.34. These numbers were not very impressive, but the real problem was the overall quality of construction of the window - it was at best a builder grade vinyl window that should probably have been reserved for house flipping or simple rentals.

Andersen Silverline 2900 Windows Complaint

Hi Bill, I recently purchased a house with Andersen Silver line 2900 windows installed by the builder in 2013 or so. One of the south-facing windows is very foggy on the bottom section, and after trying to clean it inside and out, I figured out the fog is between the glass panels. So I would like to replace that bottom half of the window but can't find anything online that offers that option for me to purchase. My question is whether another Andersen replacement product would fit my series 2900 window sash. I don't want to have to replace the entire window with a new window just to get rid of that fog.

Thank you.

Nancy - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Nancy, a Renewal product won't fit a Silverline window, they are two completely different windows. I would google "Silverline windows in [your city and state]" and see if you can find a local dealer. If so, I would call them up and ask them your question. In all likelihood, you will have to replace the whole window if the inside of the double pane windows are fogged. Silverline doesn't make a very good window, so when you do decide to replace your windows, shoot me another email and I can send you a list of good vinyl window manufacturers.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2022

Silverline 2901 Windows Question

Bill, we bought a new house in Nov 2017 which has Silverline single hung series 2901. The windows are 36x72 and beige on both sides. Hurricane Ida damaged one of the windows, we are having a difficult time matching the window. Silverline is not sold in our state anymore after calling around we were told American Craftsman windows were an exact match for Silverline. While they are somewhat similar, they don't exactly match what we have.

Any suggestions or information? Can you take parts from one window and use them on the frame of another window? We know PlyGem owns both Silverline and American Craftsman companies now. Is it possible to get exact match for a Silverline window made in 2017? I was told by Silverline corporation they still make that exact window, but I can't find one?


Sheryl - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sheryl, I wish I knew more specific information on an exact match for Silverline, but I honestly do not. I would have suggested American Craftsman windows as well. Here is my suggestion and I honestly don’t know how well this will serve you, but here goes. Do a search on say yelp for a window repair person in your area and see if you can get them to come out and give you a free estimate. Then see if they have any suggestions. Matching window hardware can be so tricky if you are picky :) I totally get it, but there isn’t a ton you can do unless you could find a Silverline dealer in perhaps an adjacent state that could order the window and ship it?

I realize my advice is lacking and I wish I had a better solution for you, but I really don’t have anything better.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2021

Andersen 2900 Upgrade Windows

Hi Bill, I live in a townhouse with an HOA. We have existing Andersen Silver Line windows - below are pictures of the tags. I am adding two single hung windows as part of a bath remodel - can you tell me which type I should get based on what's installed (noted on the tags)?

Joanne - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joanne, your window is the 2900 series, which is a single hung option that they no longer sell. You would want to go with the V1 or V3 model if you stick with Silverline.

The following is actually a good page that goes through the current Silverline window options.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2021

Silverline Window Replacement Options

Hello from Northeast Ohio. We’re looking at replacing 21 windows in our 13 year old home. Current windows are Silverline. We’ve gotten quotes for Pella 250 from both Lowe’s and Pella, another from Window World 4000, and Stanek, who says they make all their own. Do you have an opinion on the quality of any of these windows? Stanek was highest bid, Window World was lowest.

John - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

John, of those brands, I like Stanek the best. Not a huge fan of WW or Pella's vinyl windows (actually they are pretty good, but they tend to be very expensive for what you get.)

Here is my list of good windows -- list redacted...

Tom - Site Editor - from 2021

Silverline vs. Polaris Windows

Bill, I have gotten quotes for both Silverline V1 double hung and Polaris Thermaweld windows. The prices are similar, both have standard glass, full screens, Low-e and argon gas. The Polaris also has a triple pane option. Any recommendations on one over the other?

Scott - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Scott, Silverline windows are poorly made. If you do decide to go with them, the V3 series is the better option over the V1. It will run 20% more, but is well worth the cost. The Polaris Thermaweld, on the other hand, is well made. These windows are miles apart in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

I would suggest you ask what the cost would be to upgrade to the Polaris UltraWeld window. This is a really top tier window. The Polaris Thermaweld is very good though.

In terms of triple pane, if you live in a very cold climate I think the $75 upgrade to the triple pane is worth it. This is a ball park cost upgrade for the triple pane. If your climate isn't super cold, I wouldn't spend the extra money.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2020

Silverline Windows Cost Quote

Wayne homes built our home using silverline windows and sliding glass doors. A few windows and doors have fogged up and we are wondering about replacement. House is 12 years old now. Thanks

Bruce - Homeowner - from 2020

Site Editor's Reply

Bruce, the best thing to do is call up your local Silverline rep. Do this by goggling "silver line windows in [your city and state]." Now, they aren't going to be overjoyed to hear from you, but I always recommend doing it under the pretense that you are looking for a bid on new windows. Just ask them to come out and give you a price quote. Then when they come to give you the bid, you explain that the windows are actually theirs. Before you "spring the truth" on them, ask about the warranty on their windows. When they say lifetime, then its going to be tricky for them to begin hemming and hawing about your windows. Unfortunately, window warranties don't always seem to hold as much weight once the windows are actually in the home.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2018

Silverline Windows Cost Quote

I'm in central Florida and have three different quotes thus far on 33 windows and two big sliders.

Silverline 2900 Series: $29K
PGT 2200 Series: $30K
Simonton 5500Series: $34K

Stevie - Homeowner - from 2018

Site Editor's Reply

Stevie, of the bids you have I like the Silverline the least. The 2900 series isn't up to snuff in my opinion. The Simonton 5500 series is good, possibly worth the additional cost over the PGT, but it's tough the say. I like the PGT 2200 series, it might be my pick here because of the cost and the quality of the PGT windows. They are good.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2018

Silverline 2900 Costs

Silverline 8500 Window Costs

The Silverline 8500 window is a vinyl double hung window with Low E2 glass. These windows include exterior screens with fair performance ratings. The U Factor is 0.30 and the DP is 45. These windows have a force balance system, Super Spacers are placed between each of the panes, and they have a tilt-in sash and dual weatherproofing.

Silverline 8500 Cost

Type Of Window
Window Series Or Model
Number Of Windows
Zip Code

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Silverline 8500 Windows Quote

We live in Jersey and recently got a quote from a local window installer for some Sivlerline windows. All the windows are pretty normal sized I'd say. The all have low-e glass and argon fills.

Silverline 9500 Series: $485 per window

Silverline 8600 Series - $445 per window

Silverline 1200 Series - $385 per window

George - Homeowner - from 2016

Site Editor's Reply

George, I'd spring for the 8500 or 9500 series. They are worth the extra cost.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2016

Silverline 8700 Window Pricing

The Silverline 8700 window are vinyl horizontal sliders that are, like the 2900 option, a low end vinyl replacement window that will not provide much in terms of long term value. There isn't much information on this particular series, though they are not the best when it comes to strength and design.

Silverline 8700 Price

Silverline 8700 Slider Bid

I have 3 bids for 1 patio door, 1 picture window (large) and 7 sliders. Amcraft Grand Estates Original Series: $6350 Norandex eXtreme Series: $6900 Silverline 8700 Series: $9180

Ben - Homeowner - from 2018

Site Editor's Reply

Ben, I'm not the biggest fan of Amcraft bid, but the Silverline bid is too much in my opinion. I think the Norandex bid is the best value of the bunch.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2018

Silverline 9500 Windows Prices

The Silverline 9500 window is one of the better windows made by this manufacturer. These are still considered budget windows enabling consumers to purchase windows at less than $400 per window installed. While the frame may be bulky, these windows do have strong double strength glass and decent performance numbers with the U Factor at 0.30, the AI at 0.14 and the DP at 45. They offer a host of glass packages, each one with improved performance numbers. The windows all have foam in the frame and an argon fill.

Silverline 8500 Prices

Silverline Windows Warrranty

The Silverline Window warranty is a limited lifetime on all of the vinyl parts and components, however in general this window warranty is pretty weak in terms of the provisions that it provides to the consumer. The warranty does not cover any repair or installation if you have to replace the windows after they've been installed. The Silverline warranty is non transferrable, meaning it only cover the original buyer. Just like most window warranties, the Silverline warranty includes many exclusions and restrictions so we would urge consumers to thoroughly read and understand what is covered prior to purchase.

Silverline Windows New Construction

Are Silverline Windows a new construction or replacement window?

Stevie - Homeowner - from 2018

Site Editor's Reply

Nick, most Silverline windows will be sold as standard replacements -- without the nailing flange that would be on a new construction window. If you are ordering through a dealer, they can order in either the replacement or the new construction version. Again the only real difference is the nailing fin or flange around the top and sides of the window.

If you are purchasing retail, ask the service people whether the windows you want can be ordered as new construction. They will be sold out the door as a replacement windows.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2018