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Window Sales Tactics

There are a number of sales tactics that window companies use to get consumers to purchase their products and installation. Consumers should be aware of what these tactics are in order not to fall prey to them. Not all companies that use the following sales approaches are bad, but most quality manufacturers don't feel the need to rely on bait and switch type gimmicks to make a sale. Note: Anderson Windows is not one of the companies that consumers have pointed out as using these sorts of sales tactics, but RBA on the other hand often comes up in the conversation.

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Decision Makers Must Be Present

Aggressive window companies whose business model focuses on quick sales often require all household decision makers to be present before they will come give you a free project bid. Consumers should always be wary of this approach because you can bet that at the end of the presentation there will be a hard sell. The company wants a signed work order then and there - they don't want the customer seeing any additional window brands or getting any additional bids. Consumers, however, should always get at least 3 bids before signing anything. This will give you the best chance at getting a quality window at a fair price.

Buy Now & Save

Today only exclusive pricing is another way that companies try to trick consumers into signing on the dotted line. This is in no way a sales approach that is unique to the window industry, all sorts of businesses use this one. However, aggressive window companies will sometimes tell consumers that if they sign today they can get 20%, 30% even 40% off of the original quote. Don't fall for this one. If a company won't give you their best price two weeks after they have given you a quote, it's probably not the best company for you. (More on Anderson windows prices.)

Discount Programs

Companies often offer rebate program, neighborhood pricing, Energy Saving Discounts - the names all vary, but the . Some of these programs may actually be legitimate, others gimmicks to get consumers to purchase before they have had an opportunity to comparison shop among quality local contractors and window installers.

Anderson Sales Tactics

Consumers shouldn't experience underhanded sales tactics with Anderson. The company has always had a good reputation for honest dealings with customers and homeowners. The reason is that they are a large company that makes a solid product at a fair price. Ironically, Renewal By Anderson, which is a franchise from Anderson, is often cited as one of the companies that does use some rather aggressive sales tactics and marketing. Anderson Windows tends to be very transparent in their pricing, while RBA tends to be fairly cryptic (until the bid price, which might well be more than the Anderson Window).

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