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Good Window Installation

Good window installation is one of two benchmarks that consumers and homeowners should be shooting for when they replace their windows. Most industry experts will say that the windows themselves are 50% of the equation and proper installation is the other 50%. This is reassuring in some sense because it means that there are only two pieces to the puzzle. In this article, we will deal with the key components of good window installation.

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Why Installation Is So Important

The best Anderson window out there (but improperly installed) won't perform the way it's meant to. A window opening is a hole in your wall, which is obviously a great way to lose massive amounts of heat in the winter or cool in the summer. Improperly positioned, sealed and cualked windows are one of the prime areas that result in energy inefficiency.

Shoddy Installation

One of the big knocks on the big home improvement stores is that they subcontract out the installation. So they sell the windows and then you hire an independent contractor or company to do the install. The installer is often paid a low hourly wage or is paid per window, both of which can result in shoddy installation. This can include improper measuring, improper placement of the windows so they do not sit square and plumb in the opening, too tight a fit inthe opening or too loose a fit in the opening, improper sealing or caulking of the window, etc. There are tons of ways for installers to do a les than adequate job. (We didn't mean to single out the big home improvement stores, there are lots of companies that offer improper installation.)

Proper Installation

Proper installation, on the other hand, will greatly reduce the amount of heat loss or loss of AC in the hot summer months. Ask the local company that comes out to give you a bid how they pay their installers. Ideally, the installers are paid a good hourly wage and the company shows concern that their customers are satisfied. Look for installers or installation teams that have worked for a company for a number of years, which is a good indication that the company pays their employees well and that the installers are familiar with the window brands and the installation requirements.

During The Bid

Look for installers that take care in measuring your windows. The ones that seem to rush through the process are going to be more likely to rush through the installation. You want to find the installer or installation team who takes pride in their work and is committed to doing a great jon. This is one reason why it's so important to get multiple price bids - it's almost impossible to judge one company, but it's almost impossible not to judge when you have three or four companies come out.

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