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Best Anderson Windows

Anderson Windows is known as one of the biggest window manufacturers in the U.S. Here are our picks for their best valued, most versatile and best looking window amongst their numerous window series and models.

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Best Value Window

The Anderson 400 Series Woodwright (as opposed to the Tilt Turn model) offers the best value of their wood clad windows. It is not cheap, but is a very nice looking wood clad window that is also well designed and well constructed window. The Woodwright offers a stronger sash reinforcement and has a nicer looking exterior finish than the Tilt Turn model. The 400 offers nicer materials than the 200 series and is available in more colors and finishes and can be ordered to fit pretty much any window opening. It is the equivalent of the Ultimate Series from Marvin Windows, often picked by installers as the best standard wood window on the market.

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Most Versatile Window

The Anderson 100 Series composite fibrex window is a good looking window that offers tons of interior and exterior frame colors that can add some visual pop to any home. The color is actually baked into the frame, meaning it won't chip with wear and tear. The frame has a matte finish, which many homeowners think brings a nice, refined look to it from the outside. The 100 also uses a narrower frame than most of its vinyl counterparts, which many homeowners like because it maximizes the viewing area of the window. The window is totally customizable, from size to color to hardware and upgrades to allow the customer to find the perfect fit for their home. Expect a U-value of 0.28 and a SHGC of 0.19.

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Best Looking Window

The Anderson Architectural Series is a head turner, one of the best looking windows you could ever find. Of course, the problem is that the Architectural Series is also crazy expensive - tough to say whether it's worth the price. On the inside of the window, homeowners can select from maple, pine or oak that looks stunning. On the outside, the window uses a fiberglass frame and consumers can choose from 13 exterior colors. This high end offering is fully customizable and offers tons of upgrades and options that will all add to the per window price tag.

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