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Anderson A Series Reviews

Read 7 Anderson A windows reviews from contractors, installers and homeowners. Find Anderson A Series prices here.

This company has an overall rating of 7.5 out of 10.

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Anderson A Series A Great Choice

When we replaced the windows in our home recently, we were set on Marvin's. Then we were told about the Anderson A Series and ended up going with them instead. Our local distributor offers the Marvin's and Anderson and doesn't have any problems with either window. We liked the exterior design of the Anderson A Series, which was what made the decision for us. What I did like is our distributor did advise that if we have any problems in the future, Anderson keep stock of hardware for twenty or more years, they even have replacement parts for their windows which have been discontinued. Marvin doesn't offer this service.

There was also a significant price difference between the two. I only paid $45,000 for the Andersons, where the Marvin estimate came in at $54,000. I also had a look at the Anderson 400 Series, which was slightly cheaper, but very limited. I must admit we did have more color options with the Marvin's than the A Series, but I wanted a synthetic window that won't require a lot of maintenance. Our last windows had to be replaced because they were completely rotten. We have standard windows throughout our property. I would still recommend Marvin to anyone who is looking for custom windows. But when it comes to standard windows, there is no reason why Anderson isn't going to live up to the task at hand.

Chris - Homeowner - 2012

Homeowner Rating: 8 out of 10

400 vs A Series

We are in the process of replacing around twenty windows and four doors in our home in Queens. I have a number of options when it comes to the Anderson 400 series, but found the Eagles and the A Series don't come in the colors that we want. While the A Series seems to be the more expensive, I think it fails when it comes to quality. Eagle seems a good choice; the problem is there is a long wait for installation.

Any advice would be appreciated as we are not sure which way to go with this. I believe vinyl is a good choice, but not sure about them. The Anderson 400 is a vinyl window on the exterior, while the A series is fibrex and the Eagle is aluminum. Which is the better option in terms of price and quality? I am looking for windows that will offer good energy efficiency, durability and noise reduction. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Shawnee - Homeowner - 2012

[Contractor Response]

I can't say I am a fan of any of the windows you have mentioned. If these were the only three I could choose from in my area, then I would go with the 400 series, purely because it appears the better window in my personal opinion. Without knowing your budget, it's difficult to make a recommendation.

Daniel - Contractor - 2012

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

Anderson, Marvin or Loewen

I am in the process of getting some estimates together for double hung windows. My house is old, so I want to go with the natural wood look rather than vinyl. So far I like the Anderson A Series, Marvin and Loewen windows. My problem is that my property is next to the ocean, so I have to take wear and tear into serious consideration. I know that the outside may need to be treated or clad. Some people have advised that aluminum will lose color over time, which has left me looking at the A series, which I believe is a fiberglass window. I am drawn to the Loewens, they look good quality. Anderson has come up quite high when it comes to price, even though Anderson and Marvin both use the southern yellow pine. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Michelle - Homeowner - 2011

Homeowner Rating: 9 out of 10

[Contractor Response]

You are incorrect in believing that Marvin and Anderson both use southern yellow pine, they actually use Ponderosa pine, which comes from the west. The Marvin windows are D Fir. If you live in Long Islands, I'd recommend an impact window. That would omit Loewen from your options as their impact windows are only available in a single hung. I've had a lot of dealings in Long Island with Marvin's and their extruded aluminum works very well there. Marvin also offers an upgraded warranty, which is the perfect choice when living so close to the sea air. Marvin and Kolbe are the only windows I can recommend when it comes to wooden windows. LePage is another option. The Kolbe K-Kron is a good choice with prefinished wood.

David - Installer - 2011

Contractor Rating: 9 out of 10

A Series vs. Eagle Windows

I live on a ranch in Pennsylvania and need to replace some of my windows. I am very limited on my choices because the exterior of the frame needs to be black to blend in with all my other windows. I have managed to find Eagles and the Anderson A Series, both of which can meet my requirements. In total there are nine windows I will be replacing, there is one casement and the balance is double hung. I need them to have low-E glass and interior grills are a must. I don't need installation, just window prices, as I have a friend who is qualified to do the installation for me. So far I think the Eagles are the cheapest choice, but I would love to hear about Marvin's, maybe the Ultimate's. Can anyone offer some advice on which direction I should go with?

Daniel - Past Customer - 2012

Homeowner Rating: N/A

[Contractor Response]

Hi Daniel, Eagle windows are not my favorite; I've had bad experiences with them in the past and wouldn't recommend them for what you are looking for. The Anderson A Series is a better choice. If you only have these two manufacturers on your list, it is definitely worth your while to do some homework and see what other windows are available in your local area.

Mike - Installer – 2012

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

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