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Eagle Windows Reviews

Read 8 Eagle windows reviews from consumers, homeowners, contractors and installers alike. See more on Eagle window costs here.

This company has an overall rating of 8.2 out of 10.

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Eagle Windows vs. Anderson A Series

I live on a ranch in Pennsylvania and need to replace some of my windows. I am very limited on my choices because the exterior of the frame needs to be black to blend in with all my other windows. I have managed to find Eagles and the Anderson A Series, both of which can meet my requirements. In total there are nine windows I will be replacing, there is one casement and the balance is double hung. I need them to have low-E glass and interior grills are a must. I don't need installation, just window prices, as I have a friend who is qualified to do the installation for me. So far I think the Eagles are the cheapest choice, but I would love to hear about Marvin's, maybe the Ultimate's. Can anyone offer some advice on which direction I should go with?

Daniel - Past Customer - 2012

Homeowner Rating: 8 out of 10

[Contractor Response]

Hi Daniel, Eagles are not my favorite window; I've had bad experiences with them in the past and wouldn't recommend them for what you are looking for. The Anderson 400 is a better choice. If you only have these two manufacturers on your list, it is definitely worth your while to do some homework and see what other windows are available in your local area.

Mike - Installer – 2012

Contractor Rating: 6 out of 10

Good Quality Windows

About fifteen years ago I installed some Anderson 400 casement windows in my parents' house and then thirteen years ago I installed Eagles. I am quite impressed with both, to be honest. They are both doing what they are meant to all these years later, though the Eagles do look as though they are coping a little better than the Anderson's. My parents just added an extension and chose Eagles again and their new design is really striking, they use thicker wood and they seem sturdier than before. The new hardware also works really well on their double hung options. Both are good windows, my grandparents' house has Anderson which are over forty years old and they are still going strong, even though the wood is starting to tire, which is as expected so many years down the line.

Steven – Installer – 2012

Contractor Rating: 9 out of 10

Composite, Fiberglass or Vinyl?

My house has ancient windows that date back to 1977; they are in desperate need of replacement. I've been looking around and really like the Eagles and Marvin's, but I could do with some advice on whether to go with composite, fiberglass or vinyl windows. We also have a French door which will replace the one window.

Karen - Past Customer - Texas - 2012

Homeowner Rating: NA

[Contractor Response]

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Eagle or Marvin to any of my customers. They are both good quality products and they both offer good customer service, which is very important. Take some time to consider the features each provides and then see if they charge any extras if you want to add something to the window. Either of these will be a good choice, so you can't really go wrong.

John - Installer - Texas - 2012

Contractor Rating: 9 out of 10

Replacement Window Advice in Texas

I have heard some horrible reviews about vinyl windows and everyone is telling me to go with Fibrex/fiberglass or composite frames. I live in Texas and it seems we are limited on the windows available. So far I have managed to find Milgard, Jeld-Wen, Eagle and Marvin Infinity windows to replace mine, but I need some honest advice on which to go with.

Stacy – Homeowner - 2012

Homeowner Rating: NA

[Contractor Response]

In order to make your decision, you may want to know a little about each of the materials when it comes to window frames. Vinyl is a good quality product, but it doesn't fair well in warmer climates. The reason vinyl windows have such a bad name is many people use builder grade windows without realizing they are purchasing poor quality products.

Fiberglass is always a good choice and it manages the hot temperatures very well. This means that the Marvin Infinity could be a really good option for you to go with. Don't make the mistake in believing that Fibrex is fiberglass, it's actually a vinyl and fiberglass mix. Fibrex consists of around seventy percent vinyl. Also bear in mind that the RBA window warranty is usually below the accepted average of around ten years for the frame. In your area, the most popular choice in aluminum. Continue with your research and get a few quotes, find the windows you are comfortable with and then make your decision.

Charles – Installer – 2012

Contractor Rating: NA

Eagles – A Good Choice

I always recommend my clients look at the Eagle windows. Their new products have extruded exteriors out of aluminum; they come in a wide range of colors, which doesn't include any custom colors they offer. They also have around eleven interior finishes and some custom finishes. The Eagles have standard grids and I think they look very similar to Marvin Ultimate's.

James – Installer - 2011

Contractor Rating: 9 out of 10

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