Anderson Windows Prices | Discover Anderson Window Costs & Pricing

Anderson Windows Prices | Discover Anderson Window Costs & Pricing

Anderson Windows Prices & Costs

Anderson windows prices range from $225 to $1,050 fully installed for a standard sized double hung window. Homeowners can expect standard installation to run $75 to $150 per opening, bringing the total installed cost to $315 to $1,200. We will break down Anderson windows prices by product line, as well as the specific style of window.

Do you have a question about Anderson window costs, brands, features, warranties, or options? Ask our site editors your questions and get the answers you need to make the best choice for your Anderson window project.

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Entry Anderson Windows Prices

This is an installed price and would be on their 100 composite fibrex frame. This product is not vinyl, although it is made to compete with the vinyl offerings from other manufacturers. The product looks nice, better than a vinyl, but will have lower performance numbers than a comparable vinyl.

Price Range: $315 to $450 Installed

Standard Anderson Windows Prices

This is an installed price and will encompass the 200 and 400 Series, wood and wood clad products that get high marks for their overall look. The 200 is Anderson's entry level wood windows, often termed their builder grade window. The 400 Series is their middle of the road wood window that gets good marks from many contractors and installers.

Price Range: $500 to $725 Installed

High End Anderson Windows Prices

This is an installed price and will encompass their Eagle and Architectural Series. The Architectural series are custom wood windows that can be used as focal point windows due to their high quality materials and hardware. We should have put the price higher, the Anderson list their Architecutural double hung at over $2000 just for the window itself.

Price Range: $725 to $1200 Installed


Anderson has a solid reputation in the industry for quality and beauty for a premium price. The company generally gets good marks on their customer service, replacement parts and warranty. Anderson is known mainly for wood windows, although they have rolled out their fibrex composite 100 Series in the past few years, as well as acquired the Silverline brand to market to the vinyl market.

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Window Series & Models

Anderson offers a number of window series and models, including the 100, 200, 400, Architectural and E Series. In addition, the company owns a number of auxiliary brands such as Eagle and Silverline. We provide a description of each series, along with target pricing for each window line and brand.

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Anderson Windows Cost

Discover Anderson windows cost on all of their most popular series and models, including the 100 Fibrex, 200 and 400 Wood Series, their high end Architectural Series, Silverline and Eagle Window Series.

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Casement Costs

Anderson casement prices range from around $475 to $1250 fully installed, depending on the series and options selected. Casements are some of the nicest looking and best performance windows thanks to the compressions seals they offer when closed. A casement is hinged on one side of the window, allowing it be opened outward using a handle.

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Anderson 100 Windows or Simonton or Vytex

I can't decide what to go with, but here are my three bids for 36 windows. There is lots of custom work that needs to be done, that's why the per window cost is so expensive. It looks like the bids are all in the same basic ballpark, I'm trying to figure out which quote is going to be the best one for my house. I want these windows to last a long time.

Contractor 1: Andersen 100 casements - $49,000
Contractor 2: Simonton 5500 casements - $43,000
Contractor 3: Vytex Fortis casements - $37,00

Fern - Homeowner - from June, 2016

Site Editor's Reply

Fern, you have three good options here so that's the good news.

Bid 1, Andersen 100 casements. The 100 series is a good window and looks good and performs decent, but not great. I'm not sure it's worth $12K more than the Vytex.

Bid 2, Simonton 5500 casements. I like the 5500 series and think it's probably pretty close to the 100 series at a lower cost. I think it doesn't quite measure up to the 100 series in terms of look, but it's equal in everything else.

Bid 3, Vytex 3300 casements. Based on the price, I think I'd go with this one. The Fortis offers some nice performance - with a dual pane glass and argon fills you should be able to expect a U factor of .26, air infiltration of .05, SHGC of .29, and a design pressure rating of 50. These numbers would probably beat out the 5500 and the 100 series.

I think you should save yourself some money and go with the Vytex Fortis. Make sure the installation quality is top notch because they will make a huge difference in longevity and life span of window.

Bill - Site Editor - from June, 2016