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Silverline Windows Reviews

Read 2023 Silverline windows reviews on the V1 series, V3 series, and the Coastal Watch collection.

Company Lowdown
Anderson Silverline Windows are sold mostly in big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. The company was purchased by Anderson some years back as a way into the vinyl window market, which was rapidly becoming a big portion of the window and door space. The reason for the acquisition was that vinyl was a lower cost alternative to wood clad windows and a more energy efficient option to the older aluminum windows.

Today, Silver Line is owned by Ply Gem, which is an even bigger player in the building and supply wholesale space. For the most part, Silverline is a builder grade window, meaning that they are intended for builders looking to put in cost-effective or budget quality products.

For 2023 prices, check out our Anderson Windows Cost Estimator.

Silverline Window Options
These come in three series options, the V1 series, V3 series, and the Coastal Watch collection. The V1 is the entry level vinyl, while the V3 is the upgraded vinyl window option. The Coastal Watch is the impact window and door.

Silverline Vinyl Windows get a 3.5 out of 5 stars based on 16 Silverline windows reviews below.

Bill - Site Editor - Updated In December, 2023

Window Replacement Bids

Silverline Windows Reviews | V1

The V1 series is the entry level Silver Line vinyl window that comes in a slimmer frame than the V3. While this will provide more glass area, but consumers will lose out on energy efficiency. The window is offered in a simple beveled frame design. The series is available as a double hung, single hung, horizontal slider, as well as a sliding patio door.

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Silverline V1 Series Cost

(1 out of 5)

Silverline Windows Reviews | V3

The Silverline V3 window comes in a slightly thicker frame than the V1 and will achieve overall better energy efficiency. The V3 also includes a few little upgrades, as well as more color options, and comes as a colonial brick mould frame design.

The Silverline V3 is available as a double hung, casement, awning, horizontal slider, as well as a bay and bow window configuration. The V3 can also be order in a sliding patio door and can now be ordered in an exterior black frame color. For consumers considering Silverline windows, I would recommend the V3 or the V1 window model.

Silverline Window Quality

The V1 and V3 Anderson Silverline Window series are generally considered builder grade vinyl quality (basically a lower end vinyl option.) They are sold to retailers in the big box stores and many consumers may think they are a quality product based on the Anderson name and reputation. However, for most consumers looking to maximize the long term value of their windows, the Anderson Silverline V3 and V1 series is not your best bet. Having said that, they a decent option for a rental property or for a house flip.

Silverline windows are available in most parts of the country. They are quite affordable through the big box stores. The bottom line is that while the Anderson line of windows and doors is generally considered a high quality product, Silverline vinyl windowa are not there yet.
( Silverline Windows Cost )

Bill - Site Editor

Silverline V3 Series Cost

(2 out of 5)

Window Replacement Bids

Silverline Windows Complaints

I hate to complain, but I didn’t know where else to post my complaint on Silver line. I just think these are not made very well windows. They aren’t even 12 years old, and they are just very poorly made. The little latch that you switch so you can open the single hung is so hard to turn. They don’t slide up and down well at all. My neighbor said maybe I just need to get new balances, but I don’t understand why it would need to since these originally came with a lifetime warranty on the window itself. If it has a lifetime warranty, shouldn’t it be guaranteed for my life?

Denise - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Denise, in general Silverline are builder grade quality products. We hear a lot about them breaking down after the 10 year mark. If you can get no satisfaction from the place in which you purchased the windows, I would suggest trying to find a local (but well regarded) repair person who might be able to help you with the balances, the tilt latch, mechanism, and whatever else is starting to break down.

Warranties are often pro rated so by the time year 14 rolls around they only cover a certain portion of the repair.

Typically, I don’t recommend builder grade window options as these often have issues at about this time, and for those consumers who are willing to pay a little bit more for their vinyl replacement windows, they should last a good 30 years. if you can’t find anyone to help you with the repairs, shoot me another email and I may be able to help you out.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2023

Silverline Windows Lawsuit

Hi, I am the original owner. Now, some are foggy and I want to have them replaced under the warranty. I called Silverline and they said to fill out a warranty form. But the form says Wilson, and I couldn't print or send it. Have you heard about a lawsuit? Please Help.

Mary Ann - Homeowner - from 2022

Site Editor's Reply

Did they send you a link for the warranty? If so, can you forward that to me. I have heard over the years about a Silverline windows lawsuit, but unfortunately I do not know any of the details. I'm not a lawyer so those settlements can get pretty tricky.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2022

Anderson Silver Line Warranty

In our complex 55 plus community, we have Silver Lines that are 23 years old. Will the warranty cover broken window seals?

Michael - Homeowner - from 2022

Site Editor's Reply

Michael, you can certainly try and see if the warranty still applies to your windows. My guess is you are probably out of luck. If you could find a local dealer, call them up and ask them if they will cover the warranty. Silver Line is generally a low end vinyl window, and usually those warranties are pro-rated so after 25 years, they cover a very low percentage of the replacement cost and none of the labor cost.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2022

Silverline Windows Reviews

I am a 2nd owner to a house that is only 7 years old. I have the Silver Lines -- most of them have lost their seals and glass is very foggy. There is a sticker inside the frame says windows were built in 11/13. I am trying to find out if they are covered under warranty and can I get new glass for them.

Joe - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joe, my understanding is that Silver Lines are not transferable to a second owner. They are a pretty low end product to be honest. You might want to look up “home window repair” on yelp or Craigslist and see if you can find a highly rated repair person who can switch out the glass for you. Some of them provide free estimates, but make sure to ask when you email or call them. I think this is probably your best bet.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2021

Sliverline Windows Reviews 2900

Good morning, I have a contractor who wants to install the Silver Line 2900 series in my home. Are they good?


Meredith - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Meredith, this is a pretty sub par window in my opinion. Here is a list of brands and options I think are good and great quality.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2021

Silver line Replacement Windows Parts

I have been looking on line for some instructional videos on how to replace the top sash tilt latches, left and right, but I haven't found any. SwisCo presented a video for replacing the top sash tilt latches but the top sash was a different construction than mine. Theirs had a U-shaped cover over the top of the sash which also overhung the sash sides. A screw ran thru the sash side and into the latch, thereby holding the latches in place and the top sash to the window frame. In addition, the cover was friction coupled to the sash top. The latch screws were removed, and then they used a small mallet and wooden block parallel to the glass and under the U cover to knock the cover off the sash top. Then the latches were slid out of the sash. I don't have that.

I have what looks like a top sash cover, smooth except for the central lock and side finger holes to push the latch sliders. But there is a 45 degree angle on the side of the sash, not an overhang, and it looks pasted closed to the mating 45 degree angle of the sash side, not friction coupled. I hesitate to attack it and possibly break the glass.

If I could get the latches out I would probably replace them with Silverline/American Craftsman 200-450L-021 and 200-450R-021 (previous design latches) unless you could explain how to use the new design (12-7200F-WHT-L & -R) in the old sash.

Any suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated.


Percy - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Percy, try for parts

Perhaps one of these videos will be of assistance. Links redacted.

I hope this helps!

Bill - Site Editor - from 2021

Andersen Silverline Cost Bid

We live in Moline Illinois and need a recommendation. A few years ago we replaced a window with a vinyl window that our contractor recommended and it just seems cheap.

So far, we had a contractor come in and offer to use an Alside Mezzo, but it doesn't seem to get good reviews.

Then another came in and said he would put in whatever we wanted but normally they use the Andersen Silver Line, but he didn't mention a series specifically.

Just looking for something

Mike - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mike, the Alside Mezzo is an okay window, but not one of my favorites. Silver Line is not a very good option, unless we are talking the 9500 series with a couple of upgrades and even then I'm not so sure I would recommend it. Andersen makes good windows, but not the Silverline brand. The Anderson 100 series is a good window for the price and is usually available at one of the big box stores like Home Depot.

Vinyl window brands I recommend include Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, HiMark, Polaris, Vytex, and Wincore.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2017

Silverline Windows Reviews 2900 Series

I just had a bunch of Silver Line 2900 series windows put into my home and they are really poor quality. There is condensation over the locks and across the entire window. I've had the installer out like 4 times already to replace several of the windows that have a variety of issues, from air getting in to poor seals. I'm really not sure whether the problem is the installation or the windows themselves, the installer of course blames Silverline and says we got a poor quality batch. I'm really at a loss.

Harold - Homeowner - 2015

[Contractor Response]

Where did you buy them from? Have the installer speak with the rep he used and have them comes out and take a look. It's too early in the game for you to be having these sorts of problems. Having said that, the Silverline 2900 window is really not considered a very good vinyl window and you are going to eventually have air infiltration issues, they just should have taken longer to show up.

Brad - Installer - 2015

Window Replacement Bids

Silverline Windows Reviews

I have been looking at Simonton and Softlite, both of which look good. The problem is that they are a little on the expensive side for my budget. I do like Silverline and was wondering what part of these windows would be considered substandard. They seem to have a good glass package with low e glass and an argon fill. What are the mechanical side of these windows like?

Jeremy - Homeowner - 2012

[Contractor Response]

Silver Line uses a low grade vinyl, where the Simonton and Softlite both use a high grade vinyl. This means they are not made particularly well which leads to air leakage. Overall I think they look very cheap. I wouldn't recommend Silverline for a home you intend living in, but they are good enough for a rental property. I am sure you will be able to get a cheap Silverline estimate, also bear in mind that if you go with Silverline you will probably need to replace them more quickly than with the better vinyl window companies. In terms of energy efficiency, design and performance, then look at the HiMark or OKNA.

Harold - Contractor - 2013

Anderson Silver Line Windows vs Gorell

I am replacing nine windows and my contractor has recommended either Anderson vs Silverline windows. I am really nervous because all the reviews I have read have been very poor. I saw the Gorell windows and know they also have their fair share of bad reviews. I live in a small townhouse and I need a standard window that is double hung. All I want is a window that works properly, I am not asking for too much. Any advice is appreciated.

Bethany - Homeowner - 2012

[Contractor Response]

The problems I have noticed with Silverline, especially the 8500 series is the installation. I have had so many clients telling me they hate the Silver Line they had installed in the past because they leak. But the truth is that these windows need to be installed properly to reduce air leakage. I would recommend you pay a little more and go with Gorell or Soft-lite, they are both good quality options and you'll like their slim frame.

Daniel - Installer - 2012

[Contractor Response]

If you are looking at other options, be prepared to pay a little more for them. That being said, this is also down to your contractor having access to good pricing in your area. With nine windows you should be looking at less than $600 for the nine. When you start looking at low quality options, you always tend to land up with low quality contractors, resulting in a poor performing window which needs to be replaced much sooner than it should have.

Chris - Contractor - 2012

Silverline Windows Reviews 8500 Series

I recently received an estimate from an installation company for Silver Line 8500 series. I don't know the quality of these, but the price was impressive. For eleven openings, the estimate came in at $2,500 plus an additional $2,500 for installation, giving me a total of $5,000. I am just wondering what the quality is like, because this price seems too good to be true.

Rita - Homeowner - 2011

[Contractor Response]

Be aware that Silver Line is considered on the lower end of the quality spectrum, they are on a par with American Craftsman. Basically these windows both use poor quality vinyl, it may surprise you, but not all vinyl is good quality. I would only recommend you use these if you are going to sell your property within the next few months. If you are going to live in the property keep looking, because the Silverline will be leaking air within two years and you will need to replace them, costing you even more money in the long run.

Dave - Contractor - 2010

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Silverline Windows Complaint

Twelve years ago, we purchased the Silver line for our new home. A local installer recommended the Silver Line saying they were good quality and offered a lifetime warranty. Based on his recommendation we went ahead, putting in twenty eight Silverlines. We paid to have all the extras, the low-E glass, the argon fill and even the internal grates. I wasn't impressed when they arrived, they looked like basic replacements, but I kept my hopes up based on the recommendations I had received.

Within five years we had already had to have most of the sashes replaced. But the problem that I have noticed is the rubber seal which sits between the glass panes to keep in the argon fill has failed. This is probably due to the window expanding and contracting with the fluctuating weather patterns we experience. Argon is escaping into my home. Another noticeable problem is that the track plastic caps are brittle and breaking. I am now so disappointed we chose these over the many others available on the market.

Jim - Homeowner - 2010

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