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Anderson vs Silverline Windows

Explore Anderson vs Silverline Windows and find out how these two well known window manufacturers compare with one another.

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Anderson vs Silverline Windows

I'm confused what the difference is between Andersen and Silverline - on the window it says Silverline By Anderson. Can you explain this in a bit more detail?

Jonah - Homeowner - from 2015

[Editor's Response]

Hi Jonah, yes it can be a bit confusing, but these two window companies are very different. First off, Silverline is owned by Anderson Windows (along with American Craftsman and Renewal By Anderson), which is why it says Silverline By Anderson on the website as well as the window itself. Anderson purchased Silverline in order to gain access to the vinyl replacement window market. Anderson itself sells wood clad and composite windows, but not vinyl. Because the vinyl window replacement market accounts for over 50% of the entire replacement window market, they wanted to get a "piece of the action." Some companies, such as Pella, make the vinyl windows themselves, Anderson decided to simply purchase a company that already had the factory, process and distribution channels in place.

What I've always found interesting is that they purchased a pretty low end vinyl window company - perhaps as to not create competition with their Anderson brand? I can't say for sure, but whatever the reason, Silverline is mainly sold through Lowes and Home Depot, the big improvement stores, and generally aren't considered great vinyl windows. The one exception is their top-of-the-line 9500 Series, which is a decent no frills vinyl window. In general, Anderson is a high end window and Silverline is a pretty budget vinyl option. In terms of vinyl windows, there are much better options out there - Sunrise, Okna, Soft-Lite, Milgard, Simonton. As far as wood windows go, Anderson is at the top of the heap, along with Marvin, Kolbe and Loewen.

John - Editor - from 2015

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