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Renewal by Anderson Prices

Renewal by Anderson prices vary between $1,500 and $2,500 per double hung window. This price is the installed price. These are considered expensive replacement windows and the prices are often referred to as inflated by industry professionals. RBA has a very mixed reputation, this is mostly based on the fact that they are a franchised company, and overall they do offer a good quality window.

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Basics Of Renewal By Anderson

A Renewal By Anderson are privately owned franchises in area across the nation. What this means is that customers don't purchase direct from Anderson, but rather from the individual franchise. This can cause confusion especially when it comes to sales, pricing and even the customer service. It really all depends on the owner of the franchise in the specific area. In general, Renewal By Anderson is known for their long sales pitches, which are complained about by many homeowners throughout the country. In most cases homeowners are offered a high price, which is then knocked down if they place their order there and then. This is a bullying tactic which doesn't go down well with many of the homeowners.

In most cases prices start around $2000, this is more expensive than they would pay for an Anderson window. The discounts are then offered, along with some special deals. In the end the homeowner can end up with an estimate in the region of $1,500 per window, which is still considered expensive, but much cheaper than the initial quote offered by the company.

The problem is that not all of the franchises use this tactic, which has given them a poor name in the industry. It's advisable to do some research on the RBA franchise in a specific area before asking them to come out and offer an estimate.

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Renewal By Anderson Windows Prices

The RBA is only one type of window. These windows are Fibrex, which is a recycled wooden composite frame and vinyl. The advantage is that these windows can be customized and come with a host of features and options available. The frame is fusion welded and they have a strong stainless steel spacer. They have good performance numbers. The U factor is .30 and the SHGC is .34. These windows also come with a glass upgrade which can improve the SHGC to .28 and the U Factor to .24. This is called the SmartSun package.

-- Estimated Renewal By Anderson Window Price: $1,500 to $2,500 installed --

Anderson Fibrex Windows Cost

19 Double Hungs
Dimension: Standard
Quote: $52K
Included All Project Aspects
Location: Arizona
Bid From 2022

Renewal By Anderson Prices

We are in Phoenix, Arizona and I've been collecting quotes for 6 weeks now. This is for 30 windows and it's full frame install if that makes a difference.

Renewal By Anderson Series: $79K
Anlin Catalina Series: $61K
Anderson 100 Series: $41K
Anlin Del Mar Series: $42K
Milgard Style Line Series: $36K
Milgard Tuscany Series: $33K
Simonton 5000: $25K

Steve - Homeowner - from 2022

Renewal by Andersen Price Quote

Hi Bill, I'm interested in getting 5 windows in my home replaced, and Renewal by Andersen just gave me a quote for $12,691 (after applying 2 discounts). Do you have any recommendations for other good companies in the Minneapolis, MN area?

Thank you.

Xue - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Xue, check out my list for recommendations.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2022

Andersen Windows Cost vs. Apex Window Quote

Hi Bill, I came across your website while researching Apex for window replacements. We have 22 windows and 2 sliding glass doors that Apex quoted about $35k which sounds reasonable. We also got a quote from Andersen which was upwards of $50k. It would be great if you can share a list of window companies that we can reach out to for quotes.

Akshat - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Akshat, the Apex quote does not sound unreasonable, especially when compared to the Andersen quote. However, I would certainly pursue some additional quotes to see how the Apex quote compares to some other options.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2022

Renewal by Anderson Price Quote

Hello Dane, we had a person from RBA come in today and price our window replacement project. We have around 25 windows to replace of which we were planning to replace only 8 in phase 1. RAB wanted $66k (after a 25% discount) for 25 windows (entire job) and $20k for 8 windows some with grids (phase 1).

Even though we signed the contract I felt it was too much to pay around $2,500 per window. We like composite windows vs. vinyl and their windows look very nice. We live in Charlotte, NC and we wanted your expert opinion on the price we got and some other brands and dealers we can use to shop for windows in our area. We only have two more days to cancel our contract if needed so please HELP!

Thank you very much,

Don - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Don, I would cancel the contract with RBA and keep searching -- all of these top tier windows achieve more energy efficient numbers than the Renewal composite window btw. (Their fiber window are made of vinyl and wood, so not all that different than a pure vinyl window.) Here is my list

[For our great windows list, email us.]

Bill - Site Editor - from 2022

Renewal by Anderson vs. ProVia Endure

I’m considering either the ProVia Endure, which runs $700 per window or the Renewal Andersen composite window that runs $1900. Is the Anderson window really that much better?

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Joe - Homeowner - from 2019

Site Editor's Reply

The composite Renewal window is a nice unit, but it’s not worth $1900. In fact, from an energy perspective, I’d rather have the ProVia Endure over the Renewal in terms of performance. The Endure is very good and worth $700 per window completely installed. The RBA for $1900 is over priced

Bill - Site Editor - from 2019

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