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American Craftsman Windows Prices

American Craftsman windows prices vary between $350 and $600 per window installed, depending on the series, upgrades, and installation requirements. This price is based on a normal size window. American Craftsman comes in either the 50 or the 70 series. In general, American Craftsman windows are considered lower to middle range windows by most contractors and the windows are often available through the larger home improvement stores, including Lowe's and Home Depot.

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American Craftsman 50 Windows Prices

The American Craftsman 50 series uses a beveled frame, single weatherstripping, a full screen, and a single indicator lock. This window can be order in wither a white or beige interior and exterior (the hardware is also available in either of these two colors). The 50 series has 3 glass packages, including the low-e, low-e3, or low-e LS.

The AC 50 model comes is available as a single or double hung, glider, hoppper, awning, hopper, and as a casement. The American Craftsman warranty is a limited lifetime warranty, which covers vinyl, hardware and IG unit from manufacturing defects.

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American Craftsman 50 Series Cost: $350 to $550 fully installed --

American Craftsman 70 Windows Prices

The American Craftsman 70 series uses a brick mould frame, double weatherstripping, and an upgraded lock and screen from the AC 50 series. The double and single hung windows tilt in for easier cleaning. Besides these upgrades, the 50 and 70 American Craftsman windows are the same mainframe vinyl window.

The AC 70 window comes as a double or single hung, picture, casement, and awning configuration. In terms of the warranty, the 70 series carries the same provisions and liabilities as the American Craftsman 50 model.

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American Craftsman 70 Series Cost: $400 to $600 fully installed --

American Craftsman 9500 Windows Prices

This is the most popular window made by American Craftsman. The performance numbers are average with a U value of .32, the DP is 45 and the SHGC is .31. The AI is .12. These windows can last around twenty years when installed by a professional. Even though the window is considered mediocre by most professionals, with the right installation it can last a long time and offer good performance.

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American Craftsman 9500 Series Cost: $300 to $500 fully installed --

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