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American Craftsman Windows Prices

American Craftsman windows prices vary between $250 and $400 per window installed. This price is based on a normal size window. American Craftsman offers a host of different windows with the 9500 series being their most popular. These are considered lower to middle range windows by most contractors and the windows are often available through the larger home improvement stores, including Lowe's and Home Depot.

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The 9500 Series

This is the most popular window made by American Craftsman. The performance numbers are average with a U value of .32, the DP is 45 and the SHGC is .31. The AI is .12. These windows can last around twenty years when installed by a professional. Even though the window is considered mediocre by most professionals, with the right installation it can last a long time and offer good performance.

Price Range – Standard Double Hung - $275 - $350 installed.

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