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Anderson Windows vs Pella Windows

Compare Anderson Windows vs Pella Windows in terms of cost, customer service and number of window lines.

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Cost & Pricing

Anderson and Pella are pretty darn equal in terms of price, at least for their wood windows. Their high end wood clad windows will run $1000 + fully installed, while their lower end wood windows will be more like $650 to $700 fully installed (assuming a very standard sized without any significant upgrades). Pella vinyl windows (the 250 and 350 series) will be more expensive than Silverline or American Craftsman (Anderson owned companies that specialize in vinyl windows). Anderson is really not known for vinyl window; in fact, most consumers should avoid both of these companies if a top rate vinyl window is what you are after. There are much better companies out there in the vinyl market, including Soft-Lite, Okna, Sunrise, Amerimax, Anlin and Affinity.

Customer Service

Most companies, including Anderson and Pella, sell their windows through distributors - individuals who are authorized to sell the products in a particular city, area or region. So it's a bit unfair to ding the companies on direct customer service - although poor quality windows themselves are certainly the responsibility of the companies. In general, Anderson gets much better marks for their customer service. Pella really hit a bad spell in the 2000s as the quality of their products seem to hit a low point (specifically inconsistency in the quality of the windows produced). Anderson, on the other hand, has always maintained very high standards of consistency in terms of product and customer service.

Number Of Window Lines

Pella offers more window lines, Anderson itself offers only 4 main models, the 100, 200, 400 and Architectural models. However, Anderson does own several companies that handle vinyl windows and composites. Their vinyl windows from Silverline and American Craftsman are usually available through the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Pella offers 6 window lines, 2 vinyl options, 1 fiberlgass and 3 wood clad window options. While their vinyl windows were panned in the past for their low quality, it seems that Pella has made some concerted efforts to improve the quality of their vinyl windows in the past 10 years.

Bottom Line

Both Pella and Anderson are well known and popular window manufacturers that make high end wood clad windows that are quite pricey. While Pella suffers some bad press from poor customer service over the past couple of decades, they seem to have revamped their image in the past 10 years. Anderson has always enjoyed a relatively good reputation for quality and customer service - some of the companies they own do not enjoy the same reputation as Anderson windows.

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