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Anderson Windows vs. Kolbe Windows

Read 5 reviews and opinions on Anderson Windows vs. Kolbe Windows and see how these two wood window companies stack up against one another.

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Anderson Window Cost vs Kolbe

I have quotes for Kolbe wood windows, which is close to the Anderson windows cost I was quoted, as well as from Pella windows. My Kolbe quote included the Kolbe Ultra and Kolbe Ultra Sterling, which I believe the only difference is that the Sterling option uses a extruded cladding method whereas the traditional Ultra uses a roll form (apparently not as good). The price difference was roughly 15%. Is this worth the extra cost.

Neither of the quotes for the Kolbe including the cost of grilles so this may make the overall cost was a bit more than the Anderson and Pella quote. I have ruled out Pella windows and am waiting to hear back from the Marvin rep in our area who came out last night and took measurements so I'll be interesting to see how his price compares. I have not, as of yet, seen either the Kolbe or Marvin Ultimate in person, which I would like to do before making a decision.

Jeannie - Homeowner - from 2013

[Site Editor's Response]

I would say that extruded cladding is worth the 15% difference. The roll form aluminum cladding method is the cheaper option and will not typically hold up as well over time (better to pay a bit more and get the job done right the right the first time). Kolbe is a very good wood window manufacturer and I would absolutely look at the Kolbe strongly. As far as how it compares to the Anderson, it depends what model you are considering. The 400 Series is going to be the most comparable. I happen to really like the Marvin Ultimate window and would probably give the nod to the Ultimate over both the Kolbe Ultra and the Anderson 400. See all of them side-by-side and then make sure whichever one you select, that you are comfortable with the installers who will be doing the work.

Dan - Site Editor - from 2013

Kolbe Window Upgrades

Kolbe has a number of models, although the Heritage Series sells the most since it's the least expensive. However, it uses a roll formed aluminum cladding on the outside and in order to get the extruded cladding, you have to go with their Ultra model, which of course is more expensive. From what I've read, the rolled form can let water get behind the sashes and cause them to rot. The Sterling Ultra model has a tilt latch upgrade that apparently is a much better sash. It's always more money and upgrades to get an actual decent product!

Jim - Homeowner - from 2013

Kolbe vs Marvin Windows

I've always considered Pella, Marvin and Kolbe as the big three for wood clad replacement windows. Recently I've heard that Kolbe has some quality control issue. I just compared Kolbe wood clad to Marvin and felt the details on the Marvins were much better than the Kolbe windows.

Steve - Homeowner - from 2012

Kolbe Wood Windows

I've been doing a bunch of research and here is what I've come up with for clad wood windows. The Marvin Ultimate, the Jeld Wen Pozzi, Kolbe & Kolbe, Anderson, Eagle and Loewen.

Barry - Homeowner - from 2011

Anderson vs Kolbe Windows

Anderson windows use a vinyl cladding, but most other wood window companys use aluminum cladding. If your windows are vinyl, but you want to upgrade some of your windows to wood interiors, then you may want look at Anderson first. However, Anderson's wood casements use vinyl on the sash interior and the exterior of the sash, so it's not actually all wood inside. Marvin and Pella each make great woods windows and you can't go wrong with the windows, although you need to be careful about who does the installation. This is especially true with bow and bay windows where improper installation can cause the lower sill to sag.

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