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Anderson 200 Series Reviews

Read 10 Anderson windows reviews from contractors, installers, consumers and homeowners.

These windows have an average rating of 7.6 out of 10.

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Anderson 200 vs 400 Series

"One of the best options out there for a vinyl clad is the Anderson 200 or 400 Series. The difference between the two comes down to the options. The 200 has less options on sizes, colors, grids, hardware etc. but you will save on cost. The 200 is their builder grade, but I think it's a good wood window for most homes. Installation is always going to be key here; a good install and you will be fine, get shoddy installation that isn't square and plumb and no window will perform like it should."

Jim - Installer - 2012

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

Anderson vs Hurd

I will never use Hurd windows in my home again. I have seventeen of these windows in my home right now and I am counting the days until I can replace them with another brand. The sills on the exterior are rotting, they are so flimsy and cheap. While repairing the sills they literally fell apart in my hands. On the other side of my home I have Andersons which have been there for sixty years and are in incredible shape for their age. When it comes to lasting, Hurds are not long lasting like many of the other brands.

Marty - Customer - 2011

Homeowner Rating: 9 out of 10

Poor Customer Service

After spending over $20k on windows and doors from Anderson, I found their customer service to be severely lacking. There was a split in one of the doors wood, a number of the screens are poorly made and won't align with the frames. Delivery was delayed, though we were never told why. We ordered during the spring and delivery was in August. Being located in Phoenix, I had to wait until after the hot Arizona summer, delaying my window installation until October.

Anderson is now stating that this is not their issue due to the fact that it's been over ninety days. Their solution is that I fill the split that I found in the door and use paint to go over it. As for the problems I have with the screens they suggest I disassemble it and then reassemble it again working to the factory specifications. Surely it arrived with factory specifications from the factory? The transferrably warranty that I was advised about isn't worth mentioning, my installer wants payment for the repairs and the representative for Anderson doesn't seem to be bothered at all.

Danny - Homeowner - 2010

Homeowner Rating: 6 out of 10

Satisfied Customer

I've heard a choice of poor reviews when it comes to Anderson windows, but I am very happy with mine which I have had for many years. I've not experienced any problems, they look fantastic and they don't have drafts or leak. I am unsure as to why people don't seem to have the same opinion of them as I do.

Cindy - Homeowner - 2009

Homeowner Rating: 10 out of 10

Builder Grade Quality

The Anderson 200 series window is available in two models, the Narrowline and the Tilt-wash. The Tilt-Wash model is very limited when it comes to color options and I feel they have a very poor overhand, which can become a waterproofing nightmare. These models have a PPG Flexicron sash rather than traditional cladding. The Narrowline model on the other hand is nothing to write about. These don't come with an overhang or sloping sill and are not a window I would recommend to any of my customers. The Woodright 400 series is probably the only Anderson window I would recommend, even though they have limited color options, with the right installer, these windows can be a good and cost effective choice.

Jason - Installer - 2010

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

200 vs. Anderson 400 Series

I could really do with some advice. I am busy looking at windows and trying to find the difference between Anderson 200 and Anderson 400. The one's I am looking at are the Anderson 200 TiltWash and the Anderson 400 TiltWash. Any unbiased opinions will be appreciated.

Janet - Homeowner - 2009

Homeowner Rating: NA

[Contractor Response]

There are significant differences when comparing the Anderson 200 to the 400. The first thing is the sill construction. The Anderson 200's come with a wooden sill, while the 400 has a composite sill which will never rot. The next difference is the sizes available. The Anderson 200 is limited on the number of window sizes available, while the 400 has around one hundred various sizes available.

Color is another difference with the 200 series being available in sandstone or white exterior and a clear pine or white interior. There are four exterior colors for the 400 series. The Woodright window which is available in the 400 series offers a range of custom options with maple and oak as options, a choice of glass packages and sizes. All the Anderson 400's is available with a low e-4 glass. The Low E-4 glass has a titanium oxide which is applied to the outside of the glass and ensures that the glass remains clean for longer; this is due to the sun activating the coating. Finally, the 400's have the added benefit of a plastic cover which is placed on both sides of the glass, protecting it during the installation process.

Garry - Contractor - 2009

Contractor Rating: 8 out of 10

[2nd Contractor Response]

I would recommend the Anderson 400 over the 200 any day. The 200 TiltWash doesn't have a sill overhang, which means that there isn't anything to prevent water getting into the exterior cladding. These sills are exceptionally difficult to make watertight. Making them watertight is a long process, which will add to the installation costs, it includes a flashing being poured under the window and includes a lower siding. The 200 also doesn't have spacers and is very limited when it comes to muntins. Woodright is available in the 400 series and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this window with its fibrex sash.

Kelly - Contractor - 2009

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

[3rd Contractor Response]

The difference that is found between the Anderson 200 and 400 is the sash of the 200, which is painted wood with a vinyl clad frame. The 400 on the other hand, is vinyl clad on the outside without any painted wood. While there are other differences when it comes to the window construction, the 400 is definitely a better option. The 400 also comes with a low E glass package, while the 200 doesn't offer this as a standard feature.

Bill - Contractor - 2009

Contractor Rating: 8 out of 10

Poor Quality Windows

We recently constructed our home and chose the Anderson 200 windows. What a mistake, these windows are complete rubbish. The sashes are warped and don't line up, the alignment is all wrong, the locks don't line up and the windows don't even close properly. I would recommend anyone considering these windows to stay far away. We are now in the process of trying to fix this problem with Anderson. The one is stating it's a manufacturing fault, while another claims it's an installation problem. We are stuck in the middle with poor quality windows that don't work and still no resolution on how to fix the problem.

Steven - Homeowner - 2008

Homeowner Rating: 5 out of 10

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