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Anderson Windows Cost Estimator

Our Anderson windows cost estimator found to the right --> provides ballpark pricing for your next project. Answer each question as best you can and our price calculator will provide pricing information.

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Anderson Windows Cost Estimator Basics

This 6 question Anderson windows cost estimator is built specifically for Anderson windows prices. Here are you options.

Choose from a number of different window types - Awnings, Bay Or Bow, Casements, Double Hung, Sliding, Single Hungs or Tilt Turns. Next choose your Anderson window series or model - 100 Composite Series, 200 Wood Series, 400 Wood Series, Architectural Wood Series, Silverline Vinyl or Eagle Wood Windows. Then choose whether you'd like any upgrades - your choices in clude No Upgrades, Some Upgrades or Top Of The Line Upgrades.

Then select your installation needs, which include Insert Or Pocket Installation, Standard Installation, Full Frame or Historic Home Installation. Selection your number of windows replaced and finally type in your 5 digit zip code. Click on the button and find ballaprk pricing for your next Anderson project.

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How exactly do you come up with the pricing on your calculator?

Cinder - Homeowner - from 2018

Site Editor's Reply

Cinder, thanks for the question. We start out with the type of Anderson window you've selected. So for instance, a casement window gets a baseline cost of $140, while a double hung gets a baseline of $150, and a single hung window gets a baseline of $125. Then we look at the series you've chosen. So the 200 series gets a baseline of $300 and a 400 series gets a baseline of $500. So a 200 double hung gets a price of $450. If you want some upgrades, there is a small multiplier and if you want lots of upgrades there is a larger multiplier.

We then add in the cost of installation; pocket replacement adds $85 per window, while full frame replacement adds a cost of $285 per window. Then we simple multiply this cost by the number of windows you have selected. It's not perfect by any means, but we've tested the Anderson window price calculator for nearly 200 examples and have found that it generally brings up accurate results (within a range of course.)

Bill - Site Editor - from 2018

Anderson Window Cost Estimates

How do Andersen window costs compare to Pella? How does the quality compare?

Brady - Homeowner - from 2018

Site Editor's Reply

Brady, I would say that Pella's premium wood windows and Andersen's premium wood windows are roughly equal in terms of quality and cost. You are probably looking at $1000 a window for a mid range wood window with installation.

I like Andersen's mid range and lower range wood windows better than Pella's. Neither one makes a very good vinyl window, although Pella has actually stepped up a bit with the 250 and 350 series.

The Andersen 100 composite window is one place where Anderson shines over Pella, who doesn't offer a composite frame at all.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2018

Anderson Picture Window Prices

We have 2 picture windows which are 70 X 46 and 2 which are 70 by 23 which need to be replaced due to fading. Your cost estimator did not include picture windows. We have already been through a long sales presentation which was well described on your website. I would like to avoid a repeat. We have an upcoming presentation with RBA. I would appreciate information about reasonable cost for replacing these windows.

I would like high quality, efficient replacements that don’t dramatically change the configuration of our existing windows. The last replacements would require an external flange that would change the exterior of the house significantly. I would appreciate your advise. Our current Windows were by Anderson as well and were installed when the house was built.

Tim - Homeowner - from 2018

Site Editor's Reply

Tim, RBA will probably be a worse presentation than your first one. They typically start out with a really high price for the project and then they get down to about half of what they started with. However, RBA is IMO quite overpriced for what you are getting.

Retrofit windows won't have the nailing flange and they are easier to install. However, you will often lose a small portion of glass area with the retrofit method. Andersen makes a good window and I'd say go with the 400 series if you want to stick with aluminum clad exterior and wood interior. Go with the 100 series if you want a composite like RBA, but don't want to pay the Renewal price tag.

There are also some very good vinyl window options, many of the top tier have interior laminate options. These brands would include Okna, Soft-Lite, Sunrise, and Polaris.

Large picture windows are hard to price out with a calculator, you are better off getting bids to find out the fair market price. Most quality organizations don't do the hard sell, they come out, measure your windows and give you the bid.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2018