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Anderson Transom Windows Prices

Anderson transom windows prices range from $200 to $575 fully installed, with window only pricing ranging from $125 to $375 for a standard sized transom window. Transoms are smaller windows that often sit on top or over other windows, such as fixed frames, double hungs or casements. Their original purpose was ventilation for bathrooms so that had a fixed or non openable window. Today, they are more often decorative or artistic and offer a more rich look to a home with the larger window below and small horizontal transom set above. Certainly they are lower in cost than these other windows due to their size and relative simplicity.

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Ballpark Anderson Transom Window Prices

Cost Of Windows Only
$125 to $375 each

Cost For Installation
$75 - $200 per opening

Estimated Installed Price
$200 to $575 per opening

Anderson Transom Pricing By Series

200 Series
Size: 32"W x 12"H
Product Cost: $140 (installation not included)
200 Series Prices

400 Series
Size: 32"W x 12"H
Product Cost: $240 (installation not included)
400 Series Prices

A Series
Size: 32"W x 12"H
Product Cost: $340 (installation not included)
A Series Prices

Type Of Window
Window Series Or Model
Number Of Windows
Zip Code

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Transom Window Replacement Cost

What's a fair and reasonable transom window cost? The quote I have right now is $500 and it is for a fixed window. The quote is from a Pella dealer.

Jon - Homeowner - from 2017

Site Editor's Reply

Hi Jon, most transom windows cost between $200 and $400 for replacement, depending on whether they are custom sized (many are), the glass package, the type of window required (most are fixed). So the $500 quoted seems high to me, although it's tough to say for sure without knowing more about the specifics behind the project. My recommendation would be to get a couple more bids and see what else is out there.

Pella isn't exactly the cheapest window manufacturer, so it's not shocking that the price they quoted is higher than most. The additional bids are nice as well because you can bring them back to the company you really want and use them as "leverage" to try and get the price quote down a bit.

Bill - Site Editor