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Anderson 100 Series Reviews

Read 10 Anderson 100 series reviews from contractors, installers, consumers and homeowners who used this product and can shed some light on the quality and how much these Anderson windows cost.

This company has an overall rating of 7.9 out of 10.

100 Series Is Overprices

I have experience with the 100 Series and their prices. They paint easily which is the main reason I use them. My suggestion would be to change to a vinyl window (but not one of the Anderson options like the Silverline or American Craftsman, those are low quality), the Andersons options are a composite of wood and fiberglass. They don't perform as well as many of the more affordable vinyl options and they are overpriced.

Bradley- Window Installer- 2013

Contractor Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Anderson 100 Series Reviews

"I've installed a number of the 100 Series Composite (they call it fibrex) and am not necessarily overly impressed for the price. They seem comparable to a mid grade vinyl window, but they are priced like a top of the line vinyl or lower end fiberglass frame. They can be painted so that is a nice feature for homeowners trying to match the window to the exterior house color. I think if it were my house I would buy a good vinyl window and be done with it."

Brad - Contractor - 2012

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

Good Looking Window

Anderson 100 series is a good choice for those who like the overall appearance of this window. Anderson offers a number of color choices including a dark exterior color to blend in with the overall property design. They offer a ten year warranty on their fibrex and on their exterior finish.

What does amaze me is that customers will be concerned when it comes to the exterior warranty only being ten or twenty years, but they don't seem at all concerned that the window itself only has a ten year warranty. That speaks for itself in my opinion, when it comes to the lifespan of this particular Anderson series.

Randy - Contractor - 2012

Contractor Rating: 8 out of 10

Good Quality Window

I must say I have been impressed with the Anderson 100 window. These are composite windows made from wood and vinyl which Anderson calls Fibrex. They use recycled wood. The A100 is an upgrade window, which is cheaper than fiberglass and wood, but with the same overall performance.

Tony - Installer - 2012

Contractor Rating: 10 out of 10

Cost Effective Solution

Some homeowners will purchase windows based on price, while others purchase them as a feature for their property. The Anderson 100 is a happy and cost effective compromise that is visually appealing without breaking the bank. These windows come with thin frames which can be painted, enabling a homeowner to blend them into their overall house design with ease. These windows work on all house styles and are definitely a good choice in my opinion.

Dan - Contractor - 2012

Contractor Rating: 10 out of 10

Not Recommended

There are a number of reasons I wouldn't recommend the Anderson 100 series to my customers. Firstly they are composite windows and are not solid wood and second, they are single hung, making them a cleaning nightmare. The 200 series on the other hand is a much better option and have good ratings in the Consumer Reports. If your builder is offering you the 100 series, ask them for a price on the 200, you will not be disappointed.

Rick - Contractor - 2010

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

Anderson vs. Milgard

Out here in the Olympic peninsula, Milgard is the window of choice. I noticed a house recently which had installed the Anderson 100's and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these. I am in the process of installing new windows at a property and could do with some advice; I noticed they are slightly more expensive than the vinyl windows.

Bud - Homeowner - 2010

Homeowner Rating: N/A

[Contractor Response]

The Anderson 100's is made from Fibrex. Fibrex is a composite material where they use a mixture of vinyl and wood. The waste that Anderson has in their manufacturing process is used to make these windows, mixed in with resin. They come in a choice of four colors. The downside is that they offer white interiors. While the price is similar to that of vinyl, the Andersons are a nicer looking window; they are also stronger without any visible corner welds.

Harry - Installer - 2010

Contractor Rating: 8 out of 10

[Contractor Response]

I always swore by Anderson until I used Pella windows on a recent job. Pella has the Impervia series, which I would consider similar to the Anderson 100. I got phenomenal service from Pella and when I had a small problem, the rep was at my door in a flash. If you phone Anderson customer services you won't get the same level of customer care. I think I will now consider myself a Pella fan over Anderson any day.

Bret - Contractor - 2010

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

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