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Anderson 400 Series Prices

Anderson 400 Series prices vary considerably and can cost between $600 and $900 per window installed. The 400 series is an upgrade from the 200 series. This window is vinyl exterior with a wood interior. The advantage is that the Anderson 400 comes with more variety in terms of the colors available, sizes and options available.

400 Series Options

There are two models available, the Tilt-Wash and the Woodwright. The Tilt-Wash has a Flexicron sash, but the sill is an improvement over the 200 series, where the Woodwright has a Fibrex sash, even though the frame and sill is exactly the same as the Tilt-Wash. The fibrex option is often seen as a better choice over the PPG Flexicron choice.

The Woodwright does have some disadvantages in that it is very limited when it comes to the color options available, though this particular series is often seen as a top choice for contractors when they have to choose an Anderson window.

Price Range - $600 - $900 installed