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Anderson 200 Series Prices

Anderson 200 Series prices range between $550 and $650 fully installed. This price is based on a double hung of average size. There are many factors which determine the price of these windows including the size of the window, any upgrades that may be included and the glass package chosen. Installation also bears heavily on the price and if there are any special requirements when it comes to installation, this price will be increased.

Lower Grade Wood Window

The Anderson 200 series is often referred to as a builder's grade window because it is their lower end wood window companred to the 400 series, which was originally offered by Anderson. The 200 series is a vinyl exterior frame that is available in a Narrowline or Tilt Wash option. The Tilt Wash option is available in a sandstone color or white on the outside with a PPG Flexicron sash. The interior is either standard or white pine and there aren't that many custom choices when it comes to the frame colors, grids and sizes.

Many installers and contractor would recommend the 400 series, even though they consider the 200 series worthwhile for the money. The 400 is a stronger window that is reliable and smoother when it comes to movement. When comparing the Anderson 200 series, the closest match is the Pella Proline. The Pella is a wood clad window, but many installers will recommend an Anderson rather than a Pella.

-- Price Range: $400 - $600 Fully Installed --