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Anderson Windows vs Renewal By Anderson

Compare Anderson Windows vs Renewal By Anderson in terms of cost, customer service and quality of their products and number of models available.

Please note, this website has no affiliation with Anderson or Renewal By Anderson.

Cost & Pricing

Anderson and RBA are pretty different in terms of costs, mainly because these companies are set up so differently. The Anderson 400 series, which is considered an excellenet windows, will run $900 + fully installed. A comparable 200 Series should run $700 + full installed and their 100 Series will run $600 + fully installed. Anderson sells their windows through distributors, instead of the franchise model of Renewal By Anderson.

Renewal by Anderson prices vary between $900 and $1,200 for a double hung window fully installed. However, in many cases the prices start around $1,500, and then the discounts are offered, along with some special deals. In the end, the homeowner can end up with an estimate in the region of $1,000 per window, which is still considered expensive, but much cheaper than the initial quote offered by the company.

Customer Service

Anderson sells their windows through distributors - individuals who are authorized to sell the products in a particular city, area or region. Anderson has always maintained very high standards of consistency in terms of product and customer service. Like any large window manufacturer, there are always consumers who experience bad customer service (often it is directed at or due primarily to the contractor or installer), but for the most part, Anderson has a good reputation in the industry. Read Anderson Reviews here.

Renewal By Anderson are privately owned franchises across the nation. What this means is that customers don't purchase direct from Anderson, but rather from the individual franchise. This can cause confusion, especially when it comes to sales, pricing and customer service. It really all depends on the owner of the franchise in the specific area. Renewal By Anderson has a reputation for long wnded sales pitches and some less than ideal sales tactics (at least according to many homeowners and consumers who post reviews online). Read Renewal By Anderson Reviews here.

Number Of Window Lines

Anderson offers 4 main window series, inclduing the 100, 200, 400 and Architectural models. However, Anderson does own several companies that handle vinyl windows, including Silverline and American Craftsman.

RBA only carries one line of window, which is a composite fibrex material that is very similar in its material makeup to the 100 Series from Anderson. These are considered expensive replacement windows and the prices are often referred to as inflated by industry professionals.

Bottom Line

Anderson and Renewal By Anderson are both well known manufacturers that produce top end products at high end prices. Assuming you can afford them and you get good installation, either of these will make for fine home windows. However, for the cost of the Renewal, a homeowner can get the Anderson 400 Series window, which is a beautiful wood clad window that gets excellent reviews from contractors and homeowners and is one of the best from Anderson.

Renewal by Anderson Cost Bid

We are replacing our windows and are confused. We have one four-lite casement-picture/picture-casement measuring 96x63, one slider measuring 66x39, 3 sliders measuring 58x47, and one double hung measuring 28x40. Here are our bids we have gotten.

Valley Brook: $20K

Renewal By Anderson: $15.6K

Marvin Integrity: $13.9K

Provia Endure: $11.4K

Window World: $6K

Janice - Homeowner - from 2019

Site Editor's Reply

Janice, if these were my bids, I'd go with the Provia Endure option. I think it offers the most bang for your buck. Renewal By Anderson makes a nice window, but I think that's too much for 6 windows (the four-lite casement is obviously going to be quite a bit more than a standard window). The Marvin Integrity would be my pick after the Provia.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2019

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